About Us

Who Are We

Travel plans made easy.

Trips Pilot is a trip planning platform that helps travelers plan their journey stress-free and at the tap of a button. 

Trips Pilot’s trip planning app provides cutting-edge technology to generate a customized travel itinerary for travelers based on their travel personality.

Trips Pilot takes the stress from planning out of the equation by providing all the essential travel tools: itineraries (generated and customizable), a local directory of businesses, location-based weather & emergency contact, a currency converter, and a language translator.

Our team and who we choose to associate with fully embrace our core values of passion, honesty, commitment, and community.

Our Mission

The mission of Trips Pilot is simple: immerse travelers in their journeys by helping them be IN the moment.

Travel exposes us to different cultures and traditions and through these authentic encounters, we learn to embrace and celebrate both our similarities and our differences. Travel teaches us about humanity and gives us an appreciation, understanding, and respect for different points of view and ways of life.

By letting Trips Pilot take the stress and anxiety that comes with planning a trip for a traveler, our traveler has the opportunity to experience a new city and country, and see how other people live. It allows us to embrace our differences and better appreciate our similarities. 

So, let Trips Pilot help you unwind and explore your destinations to the fullest extent.

Our Vision

Trips Pilot is the only tool you need during your travels. One-stop-shop travel essentials tool.

Wanderlust. A simple word that describes one of the most basic instincts of human nature. Every one wishes one day to travel to destinations unknown and explore a world they’ve only seen through TV/Film, books and, now, social media. Having the opportunity to travel and explore new cultures is an amazing experience in itself, but what happens when you finally arrive at your destination? It’s easy to feel lost and confused when you’re in a different country, especially if you’re unprepared: you can be overwhelmed by the pace of a new city, frustrating language barriers, or even figuring out the best mode of transportation.

Trips Pilot is a location-based mobile app solution to your travel explorations. This app is designed to be a virtual Local Tour Guide, that’s user-friendly conscious and equipped with the essential needs of traveling to enhance the traveler’s experience. Trips Pilot generates a custom, unique itinerary, based on your travel personality, that assists in finding hidden gems of a new city. Our goal is to make it easy for those planning trips, tours and provide relevant information to make their trip smooth, easier to plan and stress-free, so that you can enjoy the new memories you’re creating during vacations.

For travelers, Trips Pilot is like having a local concierge in the palm of your hand! Travelers of all types will have the tools to edit curated itineraries, convert currency, access to an in-app translator, GPS software to allow easy bookings for activities and/or restaurants, weather predictions, contact information to local law enforcement for emergencies and an easy-to-use map. Instead of trusting biased reviews, they will be able to make their own decisions based on a 5 star review system, similar to Uber/Lyft.