Who Am I?

Hi! Nice to meet you!

I’m Kari and this is my travel blog. Here you can find any travel itinerary based on your travel personality – everyone has one. Let me introduce you to yours.

I’ve always loved reading, traveling, and psychology. I found a way to use those things I love and turn them into something meaningful, fun, and helpful for everyone. 

My Story

It all started back in middle school. I was a nerd and a loner, so I had plenty of time to myself since I didn’t have a lot of friends. Don’t worry; this story has a happy ending. I used most of my free time reading adventure and fantasy novels, where my love of exploring new and foreign places began. It was there that I discovered my taste for wanderlust.

As I grew older and my finanical situation grew with me, I started planning my dream vacations and short weekend trips to all the cities I read about growing up that I always wanted to explore. Since I’ve always been into psychology and studying it in school, I learned that I’m a great judge of character. I can pick out the perfect gift for anyone for any occasion, so I use my intuitive powers for good by making effective, customized travel plans for my eclectic group of friends. Now, I’m going to help you with those same travel intuitive powers and show you through my blog all the best things to do and places to go based on your travel personality.

How My Blog Can Help You

I’ll be posting travel itineraries based on one of seven travel personalities for every top city in the U.S. Travel blog posts will consist of blogs for One Day, Two Day, Three Day, Four Day, & Five Days itineraries for: